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by Release Recommended Release (12.0.2 FP2)


Hide details for LDAP ServerLDAP Server
RMASA2UK83Fixes Directory Assistance failing to connect to remote LDAP server over SSL.
Hide details for LotusScriptLotusScript
KHRL9AKSPMFixes Domino Server crash whe the Dir$ function is used against a drive that is not mapped. This is a regression in 9.0.
Hide details for LotusScript Editor on EclipseLotusScript Editor on Eclipse
ADC8Q7THA Fixed a LotusScript Editor crash that could occur in LSEESessionInstance::checkSyntax
Hide details for MailMail
JFCG9J3USJFixes a potential Notes crash on very specific email addresses when a delivery failure notice is resent.
SHEZ88XCG4Changes the acess level needed for a delegate user to be able to archive a delegatee's mail file from manager to editor.
PPUE9ZWFG9Fixes Notes Client crash when opening the IMAP inbox if 'Accept SSL site certificates' is set to 'Yes'. This is a regression in 9.0.1...
Hide details for MenuMenu
YGAO9VNL8UNotes Web: Fixed an issue where some right-click menus displayed slowly using IE.
Hide details for MIMEMIME
DADS9Q3JW5Fixes Domino Server crash while converting MIME messages on HTTable::GetTableTextSize.
WBJT9YVM48Fixes MIME messages with character encoding CP936 (Simplified Chinese) displaying as garbage on the Notes Client.
Hide details for MiscellaneousMiscellaneous
JACEA2WPJ6Fixes intermittent Domino Server crash on Update task during the creation of full text indexes. This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1...
ZYZY9F752MCalling QnninGetIniValue will leave a reference of notes.ini in OS. After that, the Domino Directory can't be saved. This is a regression in...
Hide details for SametimeSametime
MLUOA4F5UZIntermittent failures when hovering over a business card; many err.getcard nullpointerException SEVERE errors see in logs
HANAA6JT2DSametime fixes inlcuded in 9.0.1 FP6:
Defect 32253 - Sametime auto-status change for calendar meetings doesn't work
Defect 31786 - When user logout...
CDLLA4UBB3Fixes icons being compressed on the Sametime toolbar when in high screen resolutions. This is a regression introduced in 9.0.1 FP4.
LQIUA7W8EUSametime icon in system tray is duplicated in some conditions when using Windows 10.
RMASA7NMGKFixes incorrect Brazil DST boundary for the end of Daylight Savings Time in 2016
Hide details for SearchSearch
SSGEA6TCRKSearch "All Mail and Archive" do not return results, with server based policies enabled with non default suffix value
Hide details for SecuritySecurity
AKNXA2SNNTFixes rollover keys not merging successfully causing invalid vault trust certificate errors in the local log.nsf:
AYAVA67A8ZFix for security issue in Notes Client
PACY9CGLQ3If the Client ID files has a newer name and the ID vault has the older name, after a sync, the Client ID file is reverted to use the older name and...


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